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A funny question that tells you a lot

Published 15 days ago • 1 min read

Should I include the interests in the costs of my flipping project?

Question received a few days ago.

The answer is simple.

It depends.

It depends on whether you have your head between your two shoulders or not.

It depends on whether you want to be rich or poor.

Think about this.

Think about a question like this one.

Now, start laughing.

And then…

Think twice.

Reflect, and…

Start moving your *ss and do something about.

If that’s the level out there, don’t come to me saying that it’s too difficult.

To difficult to find deals.

Too difficult to negotiate.

Too difficult renovate.

Too difficult finance or refinance.

Too difficult to rent.

Too difficult to use the Airbnb App, or the Nuki App, or the Booking App, or type “how to…” in Google.

People dumber than you are making more money than you.

People that started at the same level than you, they also are making more than you.

And there is only a difference between them and you.

They started to do things.

Some had no idea of what to do or how to do it.

Then, they looked for answers and / or people that could answer.

They jumped.

They learned.

If well advised, they continued.

And, they got there.

Where everyone in this newsletter can be.

If they wish, of course.

There are people out there spending tens of thousands of dollars in useless MBAs… that, in most cases, reward you with a golden chain to a seat in front of a computer, and be hit some days by a boss, praised other days by the same boss… just a few days… to keep moral high… you know.

I spent my more than 100k USD in one.

Yes, one of those top MBAs.

The best of the best.

And I got one of the best chains.

People are dying for spending 100k USD for something, a manual, that assures you a chain… almost with no hesitation.

And then, they are dead in doubts to buy something cheaper, much cheaper, a one to one, personalized programme, that can open you the doors of freedom.

If you don’t want to spend 100k USD, you can take a look to the link below. 2 seats to go.

Your personalized real estate investing plan

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