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Even you can make money in Real Estate

Published 14 days ago • 1 min read

If you focus on successful cases, you’re getting it wrong.

Don’t get me wrong.

You’ll learn something.

But, if only 1 out of 10 makes it to the riches, you’re leaving 90% of the learnings on the table.

You can learn something of any project.

Things that went OK.

Things that went badly.

Things that went really badly.

Things that you did right.

No questions why there are so many people looking for the next uberization of something.

Uber of X, Uber of Y, etc…

Copy-cuts that sends you to nothing.

Just loosing your money.

I know that very well, because I tried to create the next uber of home-services and it cost me a fortune.

Not totally unsuccessful, but j*der… quite expensive.

Yes, I tried those things.

A couple of start-ups, a digital printer company, crypto, stock market, bonds, funds, ETF, funds of funds…

Do I regret it?


Not at all.

All these things left on me some learnings.

And I finally got it.

And not only that… now, I think that I can even show how I do it.

Real estate is my thing.

I’m sure that everybody can make money if the right tools are provided.

If you are surrounded by the right peers.

If you have patience.

And a method.

I talk about my method in the link below.

Quickly and to the point.

Even you can make money in Real Estate

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