Terrible Sundays


Terrible Sundays…

Many people spend their lives sitting on their shabby couch, wearing dinosaur slippers, watching TV as if it’s going to give them the key to existence.

And Sundays are one of those days where this picture is too common…

If that’s your case, keep reading because today’s email will interest you.

So put down the remote, grab a pen and paper, and take note because this is important.

And if not… never mind, keep reading, there is always something you can learn… if you have that mindset, you’re unstoppable.


Look. If you’ve been in this newsletter for a while, you know that I love History.

Well… probably you also know that I like stoicism.


The Stoics were guys wearing white togues, I guess, from ancient Greece and Rome that had everything figured out…


How to live the best life possible. How to deal with life successfully.

The summary of thir method is: “Live according to nature.”

Translated into Christian… or English or… “live according to virtue.”


OK… Ancient bullsh*t, I know… but it works.


Imagine that it’s Monday morning, and you start thinking:


How can I lead a good and virtuous life?

How can I control my emotional impulses?

What’s the meaning of this whole circus?

How do I deal with the little problems that always come up?

How on earth do I make decisions without messing up every time?

What do I do to avoid wanting to strangle my boss and my mother-in-law?

What do I do to refrain myself of crucifying politicians?


Well, here you are a kind of magic formula… it’s not signing up for yoga, meditation classes or filling your fridge with tofu and complements.


First, you have to accept that life is chaotic and it will always be that way.

Do you remember what I was saying about inputs the other day?

Yes, that’s it.


You can’t control if it rains or if your neighbor decides to drill at seven in the morning or do a party until 3:00am.


What you can control is how you react to all that.


The Stoics called it "ataraxia," which is like having a zen mind in the middle of the apocalypse.


But how do you reach that state of enlightenment?


Every day you should have a clear roadmap.

A plan to focus your day.

How to handle that coworker who always gets on your nerves. Or your boss. Or your client. Or your subbies.


And… how to make decisions that bring you closer to your goals.


This is very personal for each person, of course…


In my case, it’s all about freedom.

Freedom of options.

Freedom of money.

Freedom of countries.

Freedom of politics.

Freedom of paychecks.


A few passports and residences around the world, a few properties producing money, a few business in several countries, a few consultancy practices… training, reading, doing, inputs, inputs, inputs… and the tranquillity that gives you to know that you have a method.


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