The bubble and the Fed and the interest and the...

There is a bubble.

Now it’s not the time.

When prices go down.

When the economy goes better.

When I get the pay raise.

When I get the bonus.

When the government changes.

When the law changes.

The numbers don’t add up now.

When I save a bit more.

When interest rates go down.

After the next announcement of the FED, the European Central Bank and the chorus of the church of my neighbour.

When there are more legal guarantees.

When inflation goes up.

When they start protecting property owners.



All these phrases are arguments people use to avoid big investments… especially in real estate.


You know those sentences… I’m sure.

I used them all in the past too.


But let me tell you something…


They are just excuses.


Mental gymnastics you perform to feel good even though you know you are acting wrongly.



I repeat it once more: The perfect time doesn’t exist.


While you make excuses, there are hundreds of investors in the market doing deals non-stop, getting closer every day to the only true freedom:

Financial freedom.


You’ve heard me saying this before.

In real estate investing, we have all been “novatos” at some point.


And we have been paralyzed when it came to taking the plunge.


We have passed on opportunities that we knew were not bad, waiting for better ones that never came.

That’s how it is.

Going through this phase is mandatory.

But it’s okay.

The important thing is to move forward and not stay there.


Understand that the ideal deal only exists in your head and that the reality of the market is what it is.


And that even though it’s not perfect, it’s better than staying still.


Infinitely better than living with excuses.


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