What happened 10 years ago

Time. Investing. Numbers.

$10,000 invested 10 years ago:

Apple: $AAPL - $105,276

Microsoft: $MSFT - $126,100

Google: $GOOGL - $63,172

Amazon: $AMZN - $112,582

Tesla: $TSLA - $129,356

Facebook: $META - $78,325

NVIDIA: $NVDA - $2,835,519

Price increase in Global Real Estate, 70/30 leverage, excluding rents: $43,333

Investing is awesome! Right?


You'll see that in the next 10 to 20 years, this will repeated... over and over.

Now your turn. Do you want wealth or just the pay check?

I have a course that helps you to navigate investing... you won't miss the boat.


​Investing better than 99% of people


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Vicente Valencia

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